Hello everyone! especially for hair extension lovers around the world, wherever you are, I am a hair extension seller from Indonesia. I would like to tell you what bulk hair is. In Indonesia, bulk hair is hair that has been washed and smoothed using conditioner and vitamins. Bulk hair is hair that has been composed and it’s available in completed size that has been mixed, what is completed size? for example bulk hair size 65cm, it has the composition of the bulk contains sizes ranging from 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm, up to the final size of 65cm. Our company makes bulk hair 100% from real hair from Indonesia, without synthetic mixture, with a soft and smooth texture, with fibers which has the same direction from the base to the ends, that’s bulk hair from Indonesia. so when it’s used to make wigs, keratin, wefts, tape, the results are very smooth and perfect, not tangled, and not brittle, very easy to produce, easy to care for and the hair can last for a long time. Our company can produce bulk hair in all sizes and colors, we are hair seller who really understand the texture you want, we have a lot of stock, please order quickly.


Hello, hair extension lovers around the world! Please let me introduce myself, I am a hair extension seller from Indonesia, I will briefly explain what hair Tape is. hair Tape is the product of bulk hair composition, which has been produced using a very thin and flexible adhesive. The hair Tape packaging contains 40 pieces of Tape, with the hair weight of 100 grams and it has been packed, refined, and vitaminized. We deliberately prepared it all, so that the buyers find it easy to wear, with strong adhesive,  it feels light on the head and easy to maintain. Our company uses glue and double tape which is very good and flexible, waterproof and durable, not easily crushed and not easily brittle. Our company produces it in various sizes and colors. That’s hair Tape from Indonesia, grab it fast!


Hello, hair extension lovers all around the world!  We are a hair extension company from Indonesia, we will briefly tell you about what hair keratin is, hair keratin is the product of bulk hair, which is ready to use. It’s produced by the hands of experts and reliable workers. Our company produces very good and evenly-cut products, there’s no doubt about it. Our company uses glue that is very good, strong and flexible, according to the size of the ring that you want, so it’s easy to wear, the hair keratin consists of: I TIP, FLAT TIP and U TIP. Our company produces keratin, for example: in a weight of 100 grams, it produces 120 strands and the size of the ring is the same, so that when it’s worn on the head, there’s no hair keratin which is wasted. Our company provides various sizes and colors, and uses glue that matches the hair color, resulting in amazing color gradations. Our company has a large stock of raw materials that are ready to be produced according to your request. Please grab it fast!


Hello, hair extension lovers around the world! I am a seller of hair extensions from Indonesia. I will briefly explain what hair weft is (sewn hair). hair weft is the product of bulk hair that has been sewn using thread to complete the needs of the wig. The hair weft is attached by sealing the head stitches of the wig. Our company uses good sewing machines and we have reliable and experienced employees, so the products are perfect, smooth and neat. It makes the wig easy to wear. An example of what we produce is for the weight of 100 grams. We can produce a stitch length of 120 cm, or 150 cm with very even, smooth stitches according to the buyer’s request. Our company provides various sizes and colors of closure production for hair wefts complements. That’s a little review about hair wefts. Grab it fast! we have lots of ready raw materials for production.

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